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Caster -Light Medium Duty

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We are known for our innovative products and advanced technology which have been significant factors to be a global caster supplier.

Light Medium Duty Caster

28SRS(S type)
- Optional Dust Cover
- Graceful & neat view
- Total locking type(Wheel & Yoke)
- Hospital Instrument, Laboratory equipment, etc.
12 SRS(S type)
- Deeply embossed, formed steel top plate and yoke.
- Double row ball bearing swivel raceway construction
- Widely used in factory and air baggage handling, etc.
29 SRS(S type)
- Adopt Easy Lock (Locker for entire caster body) stable Raceway
21 SRS(S type)
- Heavily embossed, Formed steel uper and lower cup
- Raceways and yoke hrdened for extra strength
- Dust cover helps protect swivel bearings
- Octa TOP raceway is available.
20 SRS(T type)
- Heavily embossed, formed steel double cup.
- Double row ball bearing swivel raceway construction
- Stock carts, Bakery racks, Food service equipment, etc.
25 SRS(S type)
- Hardened raceways
- Swivel seals standard
- Zinc Finish standard
- Electronic, music and show cases
23 SRS(S type)
- High durability design
- Multiple stem specifications.
- Brake system available.
- Riveted wheel
- Interior Furniture, Office chair, Show case
22 SRS(R type)
- Sealed raceway helps protect swive bearings.
- Double row ball bearing swivel raceway construction.
- Stock cart, Bakery racks, Food service equipment